MSR Indices, LLC ("MSR") has created a family of futures based, investable indices designed to cover a wide range of traditional, long only investment programs as well as the burgeoning field of liquid alternative investments. These indices can be found at .

MSR offers customized investment programs (to "Qualified Eligible Participants" as defined by section 4.7a of the Commodities Exchange Act) which can be designed to track any of the indices found at or any combination thereof. The MSR Customized Index Solution provides an investment platform on which customers have enormous flexibility to create the risk profile of their choosing. In addition to the information found on our websites, MSR has built a software package that provides unlimited ability to combine indices, target the specific level of volatility of a customer's choosing, and even the ability to add VaR ("value at risk") limits to the index (or customized index) of choice.

MSR will automate any customized index tracking program chosen by a customer and deliver the positions directly to the investor's own account. No legal entity stands between the investor and the investor's account so the investor retains all control, has perfect transparency, and instant liquidity at all times.

Furthermore, since the platform is already built and the entire investment process is automated, MSR can deliver our Customized Index Solution at an extremely cost effective price. MSR believes that the vast majority of investment programs offered in the marketplace are, in fact, "beta" strategies in the sense that the risk profile of their investment style can be defined and represented in the form of an index. Therefore, we price our customized index tracking programs like a traditional, long-only investment rather than the much higher fee structure charged by most hedge funds and managed futures programs. Please click here to see our pricing structure.

If you are a Qualified Eligible Participant who would like to learn more about building your own customized index tracking program with MSR's Customized Index Solution, then please contact MSR at your convenience to get started.


MSR Investments, LLC ("MSR") takes a unique approach to short term directional trading. MSR’s trading model, the Quantitative Directional Program (the "Program" ), evaluates multiple return distributions over a variety of time frames. This evaluation results in an optimal daily trading position, given forecasts of probability based forward return distributions. The time horizon for this assessment can range from one week to one month, although actual trading positions may be much shorter in duration. Additionally, the Program incorporates an intraday "break-out" trading model that attempts to mitigate losses when there are large intraday price changes. The program trades a wide variety of futures markets including global equity indices, currencies, fixed income and commodities.

The portfolio is constructed from a collection of hundreds of individual "strategies". We define a "strategy" as a combination of one market, one model, and one set of variables. Strategies are reweighted in the portfolio daily based on a probability algorithm designed to predict relative future performance. Retaining hundreds of strategies in the portfolio is intended to mitigate the negative effects of data mining that can result from choosing only the strategy with the best return.

The individual strategies are divided into two categories: "reversal" and "trend". We employ the same probability based algorithm across the same combinations of strategy inputs for each strategy type and for every market traded. This, too, is designed to mitigate the negative effects that can come from data mining.

As of May 1, 2014, MSR has converted the Program to function on the same platform as their Customized Index Solution. This will provide maximum operational efficiency and allow us to price the Quantitative Directional Program much more competitively. Please click here to see our complete pricing structure.

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